Final Line ups for Intermix

Final range plans

Final Illustrations for Intermix


Intermix’s collection, “Mid-Winter Spring” is a collection focusing on summer themes, (colour, mood, atmosphere), but shown with winter garments, such as knit jerseys and coats. My clientele are playful, nostalgic young ladies, full of energy and life. I have used soft pastel colours, influenced by the movie, The Virgin Suicides. I have used androgynous feeling garments with little detail and paneling to save money on manufacturing costs, so I can use natural fibers such as 100% cotton and 100% wool felting. Another material I have used throughout my designs in neoprene. Not traditionally used in clothing, I love its drape, or lack of. Reflecting to my previous collection, which was all about structure, I wanted to keep that aesthetic, but in a simplistic way. Fabrics such as knitted wool, I have faced the back of for added structure, especially in the sleeves as it would be too flimsy on its own. I have mainly plain materials, but towards the end of my line up, I have introduced a print component. I have also a range of cheaper printed tees with my pattern from assignment one on them.

In my previous collection, I had only white as my colour. As I was initially influenced by a house next to the beach on Oriental Parade, I thought… colours.. beach colours… summer colours…. Summer mood…. Summer in general. And then the addition of The Virgin Sucides influencing my colour palette.

The fashion market is very trend based. Very little do people wear whatever they like with out regard for whether it is in fashion or not. As trends are so easily predicted, I feel I have done sufficient trend forecasting for next years trends to say my collection will be adopted by my clientele, and perhaps others branching out from the shells into the fashion world. I aim to have manufacturing in New Zealand. This will be realistic and affordable as my garments are low skill and easy to construct so will not be time consuming, therefore cheaper to manufacture. I have spent extra money on high quality materials, so will be adding a few extra dollars onto the price of each garment, but my customer understands this and is happy to pay for her favourite garments to last a lifetime!

Block manipulation to make a top from my collection, this pattern used a sample

Block manipulations to make a skirt from my collection

Here are my pattern pieces for my half scale panel dress. The two top left pieces are for front panels that join onto the center front panel. The back is cut one pair because there is an exposed zip to be sewn in the center back top seam.

I started with a basic tunic set up, then edited the side lines of the dress, added panel lines and attempted to create a kimono sleeve.

When making my toile of the pattern, I discovered that I needed to enlarge the arm holes drastically to allow for movement, and the sleeves turned out to be a lot smaller than they looked. The panelling on the front turned out how I wanted but was incredibly difficult to sew as it was such a sharp angle.

Here is my final line up, showing my jackets and coats. I put these in a separate line up of their own so the detail from other garments from the collection would still be visible.

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